Don Bartletti(non-registered)
Dear Jack: Your FB posts always stop me in my tracks. Now I'm bivouacked on your website admiring hundreds of carefully framed and beautifully "printed" images. In 1967 I sat in your class at Palomar College and fidgeted with writing lessons, homework and tests. Now I'm transfixed by your visual paragraphs -- so perfectly composed and punctuated. But I had to read your statement from your bio 5 times and look up a word: "Making a good photograph reaches out to both aesthetics and technology, not sequentially but recursively." So true Jack. My approach to photojournalism is, "It's somewhere between cultural anthropology and a scavenger hunt."
Patricia Chitty and Mike(non-registered)
We checked out your new entries yesterday. They are so full of scenic wonder.You have such an eye for beauty and capture each scene perfectly. Proud to know you.
Bob Murphy(non-registered)
Fantastic new format, Jack. It really shows your outstanding work.
Larry Herscovitch(non-registered)
Jack, some great photographs here. Some great light captured on the Aguereberry point photograph.
Khun Hans(non-registered)
Go now and then through your photos on your web site. It is a very different experience than viewing them on Facebook only. Different size, different look makes it an exceptional enjoyment.
You are a great landscape photographer, Jack
Ellen Zaslaw(non-registered)
Stunning landscapes Jack !!
Tony Knebel(non-registered)
Very visually stunning work! You have certainly been to some beautiful places and captured their essence. Very nice to catch up with you all these years and to see your beautiful work.
Jay Aldworth(non-registered)
Awesome work! What a amazing eye for design, structure and beauty.
Harry Abernathy(non-registered)
Now that I have taken the time to enjoy your art I realize that the articulate young man in the sixties who had an ear for honest prose has discovered one of the great visual languages to retire into. Very nice work and a curious twist of fate that we find ourselves in parallel worlds, once again.

So happy to see that you are alive and well and smiling with delight. I certainly wish you the very best.
Khun Hans(non-registered)
Love the format of your new page. Your master class photos are really shining here.
Can't wait to go on the next photo trip under your guidance, Jack.
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