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I haven't developed any kind of "photographic philosophy" or "vision." And I feel in no hurry to do so because I'm not convinced I need to. I don't "pre-visualize" my images in an attempt to see them before I go out looking for them. I just like to be ready when they find me as I wind my way through to where they might be. Making a good photograph reaches out to both aesthetics and technology, not sequentially but recursively. The best photographers make their way back and forth between the two with patience and grace.

As a young man, I was drawn to what I considered beautiful photographs, but the time demands and the costs of film photography put it way out of my reach. Now retired after a long and rewarding career, I have the time for such a passion, and the digital revolution has made its pursuit affordable and enriching in the extreme.

I consider myself self-taught in the sense that I've never taken photography classes of any sort. However, I've read a lot about photography, and I've looked at thousands and thousands of images over these last years. I do so daily, finding aesthetic and technical inspiration from some of the many fine photographers at work today. 

Come back now and then to see what's new.


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