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This collection of galleries features mostly pretty recent stuff although some photographs span the six years that I've been trying to make the perfect image.

I think that these galleries also reveal that I haven't yet found a niche--that personal style all photographers seemingly strive to find. I find it difficult to narrow my interests to a single kind of photography, say, just landscapes, for example. Cityscapes interest me too, as do flowers, scrap metal, architecture, etc.

Perhaps such an eclectic approach keeps me from getting really good at one particular genre, but so far what it seems to do is to get me to all kinds of places at all kinds of times to try my hand at pointing and clicking.

As always, thanks for taking the time to look around here.
Moab Meet-up 4-13Red Rocks of Utah and Nevada 3-12Death Valley & Eastern Sierra 2-2012On the Road: AZ, NM, CODesert ParadiseGood as GoldBlack & WhiteItaly & Greece, October 2009England, April 2009Owens ValleySome Odds and EndsSize Test GalleryEuropean MixSlide Show VIII