A thousand words
In search of Nature's special moments
I shoot mostly landscapes, and I've arranged them into nine galleries. Each gallery contains only about ten images so that you can view them as snacks or meals. Scroll down through this home page to see the links to them. Under the heading of Collections, the first six galleries feature landscape images sorted by pretty loose criteria. Some can fit into more than one collection and some can't fit into any, but they are here anyway. The other three galleries feature New Projects, largely done during the Covid restrictions of the last many months. Over time I will be changing out the images in each gallery, so if you enjoy your visit here, please come back now and then to see some new pieces.



Red Rocks





New Projects

These groups represent ongoing projects different from my nature and landscape images.

B&W/ Infrared

Black and white photography in general and infrared in particular are relatively new interests for me.

Macros & Close-ups

Macro photography is even newer, brought about by the limits that Covid placed on my roaming. Many of these images involved focus stacking, another new venture for me.

If These Walls Could Talk

Once filled with the voices of some laughter and some struggle, these houses that were once homes stand mute today, testimonials to the hard work and perseverance that marked their better times.